Vision Statement

A South Africa where access to proper, high quality care is determined by the needs and not financial ability.
A South Africa where all in medical need are treated with passion, dignity and compassion.

Mission Statement

To engage Healthcare Professionals in voluntarily giving the best, high quality treatment to the most vulnerable sectors of South African society.

This care is provided through partnerships with care institutions to set up easily accessible,
friendly and welcoming environments.

Value Statement

  • Wellness and Health
  • Passion
  • Dignity
  • Excellence
  • Service

Purpose Statement

Giving quality Health, Giving back dignity


Our core objectives are to provide Free Medical, Dental and Psychiatric / Psychology Health services to the following care institutions, namely;

  • Child and Youth Care Centres,
  • Orphanages,
  • Safe Homes,
  • Homes for the Destitute,
  • Shelters for Abused Women and Children,
  • Foreign Students in Schools of Theology,
  • Special Care Centres, and
  • Old Age Homes.

Risks / Consent Forms / Protocols

Vision Medical Suite will carry out the aforementioned procedures, but only after both risks and benefits have been explained and understood and written consent has been obtained from the Parent or the Management of the Beneficiary.

Our goal is to create the best-rounded experience for each patient in order to optimize their health.Vision Medical Suite will maintain privacy according to the rules of the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

All Children and Caregivers will be welcomed for quality health care with dignity and compassion, our Clinics will hold no prejudice to race, creed, colour or socio-economic status of the Caregiver / staff.

Our focus is the overall health and wellness of all of our patients.

Medical Waste Agreement

Vision Medical Suite has a waste agreement with BCL Medical Waste Removal Company in Cape Town.

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